6000 euros payday loan


A 6000 euro payday loan is still considered a small loan. It can be used for purchases such as furniture or a used car. The criteria for lending are the same for almost all German banks or savings banks. You can ask the house bank or contact another branch or direct bank, a savings bank or a Volksbank. In addition, there is the possibility of taking out a personal loan or commissioning a private credit intermediary to look for a suitable loan.

credit conditions

credit conditions

The creditworthiness of customers is assessed by the banks on the basis of various criteria. Here, the private credit information and income plays a prominent role. The income should be commensurate with the loan amount. With a 6000 euro payday loan the chances are clearly larger than with a 20000 or 30000 euro credit. This is especially true for the low or middle income earners. A positive or a neutral private credit information is an indispensable requirement when it comes to taking out a loan from a German bank or savings bank. This applies regardless of how high the loan amount is. Minor negative entries may still make lending possible. Quite different is the case with serious negative entries. Important examples of this are a dunning notice, an enforcement order, an affidavit or a bankruptcy. In all these cases, credit approval is generally excluded, regardless of how high and how secure the income is.
For personal loans other conditions apply. They may differ significantly from the requirements that apply to a bank loan.

loan comparison

If you are looking for a loan, you should start with a loan comparison. Not all banks offer a 6000 Euro loan. Some banks limit themselves to a € 5,000 loan or higher loan amounts. For this reason, the first task is to select all eligible providers. Once this is done, their terms can be compared. This usually only takes a few minutes, provided that a credit comparison is used on the Internet. When comparing at the individual bank branches or other local providers takes much longer and is therefore either not or only partially recommended.

In a credit comparison, you should pay attention to the maturities, the interest rates and the amount of the monthly repayment installments. The longer the term, the lower the monthly rates. In addition, they depend on the amount of interest. Interest is either credit-dependent or credit-independent. A credit-based loan sets an interest margin within which the interest on a bank loan can move. The exact interest rate depends on the credit rating. The better it is, the lower the interest rates. A credit-independent loan can be an alternative here. Here, the same interest rates apply to all borrowers who meet the requirements for a € 6,000 loan.

Application and authorization


An application can be made either directly with the credit provider or on the Internet. In any case, you must complete an application form in full and truthfully and enclose documents that can prove your solvency. These are above all the current proof of income. If the credit rating is insufficient, the bank may require a guarantor or co-applicant who meets the criteria for lending. 

After the application documents have been received by the bank, they will request a private credit information. If everything is alright, nothing stands in the way of a credit approval. The payment can be made within a few hours or days.

Similar to any other installment loan, a € 6,000 loan must be repaid in monthly installments. These installments consist of a repayment portion and the debit interest. When the amortization begins, when it ends and further details that are relevant to a € 6,000 loan are contracted. Once made agreements should be strictly adhered to. If you are significantly behind in the repayment of the loan, the bank may take various measures that may extend to a loan termination and a partial seizure of your income.

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