Author: Elizabeth Lund

Finance for the company – an alternative to a bank loan

Additional finance needed for the company? See alternatives to a bank loan if you can not count on this form of financing. Most of the people who run their own businesses often use an additional source of financing. However, not everyone has the opportunity to obtain a company loan or a revolving loan through a […]


6000 euros payday loan

  A 6000 euro payday loan is still considered a small loan. It can be used for purchases such as furniture or a used car. The criteria for lending are the same for almost all German banks or savings banks. You can ask the house bank or contact another branch or direct bank, a savings bank or a […]

Payday loan consolidation

If you are a minor and have a stable income, this is what you have to do to ask for loans

  Is it possible to borrow from a minor? Regardless of age, we all have at some time had the need to request some form of credit or loan, and in the case of younger people, extra money may be necessary to pay for some student expenses. In the case of young people under 18, […]

Payday loan consolidation

Before You Take a Loan | Mindful of Taking a Loan?

IS THE CREDIT ME NEEDED We often decide to take a loan because we want to have a certain amount of cash here and now, or buy something today. We do not even think about other options because credit is the fastest and easiest solution. Of course, there are situations when credit is the only […]


Who Will Help Us Win a Difficult Loan | A Professional Credit Advisor

What is a difficult loan A difficult credit is any loan with which problems arise in obtaining it. This means that for such a loan it is in vain to try alone in a bank outlet. For difficult loans, among others a consolidation loan, a loan to repay payday loans, a loan to pay ZUS […]